Outreach in EECS is defined by the broad opportunities for students to build experience and connections with industry and/or study abroad through either the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) or EECS International. Outreach in EECS also includes opportunities for earning an MEng degree in the VI-A Program, which has an international component.  EECS offers the Women's Technology Program (WTP) which provides selected high school females (between Junior and Senior years) a four week program exploring electrical engineering and computer science in the summer. 

Discover EECS at MIT - DEECS
DEECS - Discover EECS is a five day opportunity for Prefreshmen to learn about EECS at MIT - part of the Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOPs) at MIT. Go for it!
Welcome to EECS International!
EECS International provides all EECS students with opportunities to build their education internationally. In addition, the mission of EECS International is to engage with major academic centers globally, promoting international engagement for EECS students and faculty.
Industrial Connection Program
ICP holds a career fair for EECS students to meet with member companies to talk about opportunities!
6-A Interview with Cyril Lan
Meet VI-A (6-A) student Cyril Lan to learn more about the options you have as a VI-A student.
WTP, the Women's Technology Program
The Women's Technology Program (WTP) was created in 2002 to encourage young women with strong math, science, and analytical abilities to pursue studies in engineering and computer science. The program provides young women with positive female role models, college-level computing and engineering experience, and an understanding of what engineers and computer scientists do and how they work.
WTP in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Welcome to WTP in EECS! Our goal? To spark high school girls' interest in future study of engineering and computer science.    
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