Thesis Defense: Coherent Control of Polarized Neutron Interferometry


Event Speaker: 

Mohamed Abutaleb, RLE

Event Location: 

Allen Room, 36-462

Card Description: 

Thesis Defense: Coherent Control of Polarized Neutron Interferometry, Mohamed Abutaleb, RLE. June 7, 3:30pm, Allen Room, 36-462

Event Date/Time: 

Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 3:30pm

Research Area: 

abstract: In this thesis, we describe two sets of experiments using a single crystal neutron interferometer. First, we explore applications of quantum information processing (QIP) to magnetic materials characterization using polarized neutron interferometry (NI). We describe a split path spin-based interferometer geometry that uses the Bragg interferometer to separate two paths where spin states are independently manipulated. The final measurement is made on the spin degree of freedom, so we observe spin-based contrast without a need for coherence in the path degree of freedom. This is difficult to achieve in a spin-echo interferometer because the two paths overlap, with only a time delay of one relative to the other.